81 days to go

Things I should be doing:

  • Planning
  • Preparing
  • Translating and writing a CV / resume
  • Finding out what the difference between a resume and a cover letter is and how to write an Australian CV
  • Looking up apartments and jobs

Things I’m doing:

  • Working
  • Going to music festivals
  • Gaming
  • Sleeping for 10 hours and then being too tired to do anything
  • Working
  • Binge-watching TV shows

I haven’t really done anything yet and I’m probably going to regret it later, but I just don’t have the motivation. I’m so tired from working almost all the time, I usually work for 8 days in a row and have two days off. I use those days to go to concerts, then it’s back to working again… Today is one of those rare days when I don’t have to put on my make up and I can just sit around in my pajamas doing whatever the fuck I want, A.K.A writing this blog post and then playing Arkham City for the next 9 hours.

I have been thinking about what I’m going to pack though! The last time when I traveled the world for 7 months I only had like three t-shirts and two pairs of pants with me, and while it was manageable, I got so frustrated with the lack of options. This time I’m taking more clothes and less unnecessary crap with me.

Things I consider necessary:

  • Enough clothes so I don’t feel like I’m using the same outfit over and over again (but at the same time they have to be items that I’m ready to throw away if needed)
  • A jacket (preferably wind and waterproof, I have just a regular faux leather jacket)
  • Make up, hair and skincare products (including sunscreen)
  • Duct tape and safety pins because Things. Will. Break.
  • A can opener (for some reason I was overwhelmed with the lack of can openers during my previous travels)
  • An MP3 player (because I’m old fashioned and can’t be bothered with listening to music on my phone)
  • An extension cord with multiple sockets so I can charge all my electronics at once
  • Comfortable walking shoes that can handle rain (I have a pair of faux leather tennis shoes) ballerina flats and flip flops / thongs / jandals / whatever you call them (they’re also great to use in the shower because hostel showers can get disgusting)

Things I will not be bringing with me:

  • A sleeping bag
  • Bug spray (mostly because Finnish bug sprays have nothing on Australian insects)
  • Clothes that I don’t normally wear (hats, dresses, skirts, shorts, heels, colorful stuff etc. I don’t wear them now, why would I wear them overseas?)
  • Stuff for specific activities (hiking gear etc, I won’t be hiking / climbing / sailing / running / whatever)
  • Umbrella. I have no patience for umbrellas. I’d rather get wet than carry around one of those Satan’s little sticks.

In any case, I’m not going on an Extreme Adrenaline Junkie Expedition 3000™. I’m just going to Australia, where my feet will be planted firmly on the ground for most of the time; I’ll just be walking around the city visiting museums and maybe a few beaches. I can buy whatever stuff I might need from there or I can just deal with what I have. I’m obviously going to bring a lot more stuff than what I mentioned above because I hate buying stuff that I already have. For example; the last time I was in Melbourne I was FREEZING, but still refused to buy a new jacket because I already had several of them. At home. 9000 miles away.

I will be writing down a more specific list later, probably when I’m actually packing my bag just so I can actually see how much stuff I have. I already know I’m going to have unnecessary things with me but what can I say, I like to travel comfortably!





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