41 days to go

Yeah, 41 days to go. I’m moving to the other side of the world in just little over a month, and I feel… Nothing. Well, I’m excited and all, but I’m also scared, but truth be told I feel very neutral about it. It doesn’t feel real somehow. I’ve always lived with my mom and this is the first time I’m actually leaving without knowing when I’ll be back. I’m sad that I have to leave my single mom all alone, she doesn’t have that many friends and I wish she would find like a man or something while I’m gone. Meanwhile I think it’s about time I move out and start my own life, I mean I’m 25 for fucks sake. I can’t live with my mom forever, even tho it feels like I’m living with a roommate and not my mother. Although living with her has given me the opportunity to save money for all my travels in the past years, so there’s that.

Speaking of money, if my calculations are correct, I should have about 8000 AUD saved up when it’s time to leave. I don’t know if that’s enough but it’ll have to do, and my friend and I are going to start looking for jobs as soon as we get settled in Australia. I have NO idea where we are going to live, we’ve already paid for the first four nights in Melbourne but after that it’s all out in the open. We might stay at the hostel for a few more nights until we find something, we might switch to a different hostel, we might miraculously find an apartment in the first four days and move there, or we might find farm jobs and move on a farm. I don’t know, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’ve actually done things. I let the post office know I’ll be moving away and gave my mom the authority to pick up any letters, parcels, packages etc. That I might receive when I’m away. I was going to let the local register office (idk if that’s the right term?) know I’m moving, I mean I have to give them an official “Notification of Move” but apparently I can’t do that until there’s only 30 days to go.

“According to Finnish legislation, you must always submit a notification of move if you move permanently into a new home or if your temporary stay at another address is longer than three months.”

Meh I’ll do it later then. I think I have to notify the Population Register Centre as well but I have no idea what the difference between the local register office and the population register centre is, I always thought they were the same thing. I think the PRC notifies all the important places like the bank, the finnish social insurance institution, the hospital etc. about my move, so I don’t get why I still have to let everyone know individually. I’ll just put a damn ad on the paper or something. Oh, and I’ll probably let the Embassy know too… Why is this so hard!!!

Another thing that’s causing me trouble at the moment is the fact that there’s only 41 days to go. I’m running out of shampoo soon, should I go out and buy some more?? Can I start selling my car or do I still need it? The freezer is full of food that my mom doesn’t like, when am I going  to have the time to eat two entire cheesecakes??? My liquid foundation is running low, should I buy the shade I always use or am I going to get ~Super Tanned~ the second I step off the plane???

OH AND THE MOST ANNOYING THING. Before you read any further; the next paragraph is going to be all hair talk. I’m very vain, I use a lot of beauty products and yes I do spend 45 minutes every day doing my make up. I watch all the make up tutorials on YouTube and my make up bag literally weighs like 5kg (11lbs) BUT asfsacfadf what am I going to do about my hair??? Half of my hair is currently silver, almost white, and half of it is bright blue (and no, it’s not because Finland is turning 100 years old this year and our flag colors are white and blue) and it’s such a bitch to maintain.
I don’t want a regular hair color (brown, normal blonde) I don’t want to dye it black because it’s hard to get rid of, and my hair just was bright red. I want something different, but something that’s easy to maintain (read: dye every three weeks without having to use bleach) but something I can easily buy from any old supermarket. I was thinking of dyeing my hair back to my own natural color, and then adding like pastel… blue/green/purple/etc using L’Oréal Colorista so I don’t have to worry about my roots, but still have that splash of color.

No surprise I got sidetracked again, I was supposed to write about something else as well but I forgot. Anyway, yay for traveling!

Oh, I wrote my… CV? Resume? …In English yesterday and I have no idea if it’s any good. I still don’t know the difference between an Australian CV and and Australian resume and which one I will actually need and what the hell is a cover letter??? Anyway it’s two pages long, it has a small introduction, my work history, education, skills and interests and I spent like 9 hours editing it so i swear to gOD if it’s not good enough!!!


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